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The poem I wrote for my angel, Aleena Kay.


We all miss and love you so very much Aleena Kay,
I would’ve given my own life, if it meant that you could stay.

You may be gone now, but I will continue to send you my love
And I hope you can see how strong it is when you look down from above!

I never got the chance to look into your eyes,
And because of that there has been a thousand tears that I’ve cried.

It breaks my heart that you never had the chance to make a sound,
But remembering how beautiful you were brings me such joy when I am down!

My only hope was to protect you and with all of my strength I tried,
And I would give anything in the whole wide world to have you here by my side.

My heart skips a beat every time I hear someone say your name,
But the memory of you laying in my arms is well worth all the pain!

You were only here on Earth with us for a very short time,
But the amount of time doesn’t matter, I have loved you since the moment that God made you mine.

Even though you are gone now, you will forever be my child,
And I would do anything to be able to hear you laugh and see you smile!

You were so very tiny and perfect in your own special way,
And even when I’m sad I smile because I know that you’re in a much better place.

Your presence brought such pure happiness to my life,
And I pray that you can hear me when I talk to you each night!

When you left, you took a part of me,
And forever and always, my angel baby you’ll be.

There were times that I thought losing you may drive me crazy,
But all I do now is thank God for making me the mom of a VERY special baby!

Because babies bring happiness and through all of this that remains true,
And I promise that no matter what our future holds, we will never stop loving you.

I may not get to watch as you learn and grow,
But I promise we will meet again one day, when it is my time to go!


In Loving Memory Of
Aleena Kay Patton

In Loving Memory Of My Angel
Aleena Kay Patton