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You may feel like doing absolutely NOTHING, but when you do nothing, your mind has nothing to do but think about everything which won’t make you feel any better. You need to occupy your mind. Do something you enjoy. Some of you may have a job that you have to get back to and that’s great because you will be busy and be with other people! But, if you are like me and stay at home while your significant other works, then it can get pretty lonely sometimes and makes the days go by extremely slow, especially in a rough time like this. So, find something to do, anything that will help pass the time! I am writer, always have been and that’s what i do when I’m sad or upset, so I have a LOT of pages filled up with my feelings. I wrote to myself, I wrote about everything going on, I wrote to my significant other (even though I haven’t let him read it), I write to y’all, and I wrote a whole bunch to Aleena because I believe she can hear me from up there! Whether you believe your child/loved one can hear you or not doesn’t really matter, writing to them or talking to them as if they can, might help get your feelings out and make you feel like you are still connected to them! I am also a big reader! I love a good book that I can just sit and read for hours and get lost in. So, if your a big reader too or even if you aren’t and want to try it to keep your mind off things, go to your local library and check out some books, (it’s free), you can check out my category “Books & Movies” for some great authors! And movies! Spend time with your friends and family. Now is when you need them the most! Catch up with old friends, meet new friends, just try to enjoy yourself as much as possible! Draw, walk, run, workout, get Netflix and start a new TV show, go out window shopping, or anything else you enjoy or can think of! You just have to get up everyday, get dressed and do something. Even if you aren’t leaving the house, getting up and getting dressed will make you feel better! I know its hard to stay busy constantly, I’m not saying that every second of every day has to be spent doing something, but you don’t need to get to where all you do is sit and think all day because then you will only get more depressed! I just want to share my experience with you, so that maybe you learn from my mistakes and save yourself from extra stress! Doing something, no matter what it is, makes the day go by faster and makes you feel a little better for the moment! I’m always looking for new things to try, so if you have any different things that you enjoy or that help keep your mind busy, comment below and share with me please! 🙂 Hope this helps!