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The first and probably the best advice I can give you on getting through a HORRIBLE situation like this is to just LET IT ALL OUT! If you are feeling down and sad and just want to cry, then that’s what you need to do, CRY! If you are angry with someone, everyone, the whole world and you just want to scream and yell, then SCREAM and YELL! It’s okay to be angry. Feeling like you just need to be alone, or the opposite, you can’t stand to be alone, make sure you’re significant other and/or loved ones know that you’re feeling that way! If you’re scared, that’s okay, don’t be afraid to tell someone. But if you’re happy, BE HAPPY! Don’t feel like you should NEVER be happy! Whether you are just finding out that you may lose your baby, you are getting close to that point or they have already passed, it is HARD and you are going to feel so many different emotions that you may feel like your losing your mind or like you won’t ever make it through. Nothing is going to make this feelings go away, but trying to hold them all in and be strong when all you really need is to cry, yell, scream or just TALK, is only going to make them worse! This is not a situation in life that anyone should have to go through alone or a situation where you should try and act like everything is fine when you really need someone to lean on. I have felt every emotion that I can think of through all of this and I learned really fast that I just could NOT hold it all in. I’ll be honest, there were time that I drove my fiance crazy with all of my mood swings and times that he got a little irritated because he didn’t know what to do to make me feel better and times that he got upset because it seemed like no matter what he did, I was never happy, but we got through it, together! He was my rock through my pregnancy and through losing our baby girl and he is still being that person for me when those feelings hit because I’m missing her so much, feeling sad or just having a bad day. In return, I was and am that person for him when he is feeling down or missing her. You may not have a significant other that is going through this with you, which I’m sure makes it even worse, but that’s okay! You just need someone, a friend, a family member, a stranger (like me), or ANYONE that you feel comfortable talking and venting to! Like I said before, it won’t make those feelings go away, but it will make them bearable! I remember when we first found out that something was wrong with Aleena, anytime I laughed or felt happy, I felt guilty for it. I felt guilty for feeling any kind of happiness, knowing something was wrong with my baby! I had to be told and had to learn that it’s okay to be happy and to still enjoy things! You can’t spend everyday sad and miserable. You are going to feel down a lot and you need to take advantage of the times that you feel happy. When you are okay and happy, it makes a better environment for you and baby! So just remember that you are going to feel a lot of emotions through all of this and you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed for ANY of it! You also need to know that sometimes some people just can’t manage their emotions on their own and need medication to help control them. There is nothing wrong with that! It doesn’t make you any less strong, any less of a mother or any less of a person! If you feel like you need help, talk to your doctor!! I really hope this helps in some way! As always, feel free to comment or contact me privately!