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Well, today, October 14th, marks one month that our baby girl has been gone. That seems so unbelievable to me! It still feels like just yesterday, we were holding her in our arms, giving her as much of our love as we possibly could and saying our goodbyes.. And while today marking one month is pretty tough, I believe that every 14th of any month will be hard because it will mark one more month that she has been gone. And while I know that she is in Heaven, feeling nothing but love and joy, it still hurts every part of me, being without her! Our angel may have only been on this earth for a very short time, but I trust that God sent her here and to us for many different reasons and I believe that among those reasons, He sent here to us because He knows that we are strong and that we won’t let her memory die or her story go untold! There are other families out there going through this same exact thing and feeling as scared and confused as we were, with nobody to turn to for answers and not enough information out there about this horrible disease! So, while yes, we would greatly appreciate any donation you make to help us toward our goal for Genetic Testing, I would appreciate even more if you would help share our story! It would have been somewhat of a comfort during my pregnancy and after such a devastating loss, to have someone to turn to, that could answer some of the questions I had, Someone who had been through what I was going through, someone who knew EXACTLY how we were feeling and could help talk us through everything! Sharing our story will help bring more awareness to this devastating disease and may give another family going through this a chance to have what we didn’t have, SOMEONE to turn to! We appreciate all of your help and support! We can’t reach any of our goals without help and we will be forever thankful to you all!

In Loving Memory Of Our Sweet Angel
Aleena Kay Patton